Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rivero is Moving

Mike Rivero, host of the What Really Happened radio show, will soon be moving.  No, not from Hawaii, rather from one radio network to another.  I discovered this near the top of his web site a few hours ago:

As of the end of August I will be leaving GCN to do my show over at Republic Broadcasting. My first day at Republic will be Monday August 23rd, followed by a week of doing both shows, with my last day at GCN Friday August 27th. The Saturday show is still up in the air at this time.

My show will air earlier in the day on Republic, running from 2PM to 4PM Central Time. As usual, podcasts will be available.
If he has made any mention of this change on his broadcasts it has slipped by me. I did, however, hear an annoucement on RBN a couple of hours ago as I was listening to Tuesday's National Intel Report, hosted by RBN founder John Stadtmiller. John's guests every Tuesday are Bob Chapman [International Forecaster newsletter] and Robby Noel [hosts an RBN show called The Flip Side].

Just a couple of minutes into the show, Stadtmiller stated:
JS: Mike Rivero of is coming on board the [Republic Broadcasting] Network starting next month.

BC: That is wonderful!

JS: Yeah, very pleased to have that happen. It was under extraordinary circumstances that he was forced to make that move and I won't give any other details 'cause quite frankly it's pretty ugly and who gives a damn.
I'm reasonably sure more info will be out about this in coming days, hopefully actual facts rather than the gossip that has already begun. [The rumor mill so far is saying it was a hatchet job by Alex Jones.] I will share more as I know more.

Right now the aspect of this that's occupying my mind is a bit of a worry about audio quality for the new show. GCN podcast files were 64K bitrate. I have yet to see an RBN podcast file that is anything but 32K bitrate. Also, it's been my experience that "listening live" at RBN is not as easily done as it is at GCN. But I absolutely wish Mike all the best!


Brit torrent said...

only reading riviero is leaving GCN, i immediately thought hmmm israel zionists GCN. shame, i like mike riviero's show after been introduced to it by you and i actually prefer his show to AJ's. perhaps what jeff rense and others such as jack blood points to is correct.

hope you can continue the up's of his new show and perhaps he will on the new network say 'what really happened' with GCN

UK Lyn said...

This is big news for me, if Mike has had to leave under the same allegations against AJ that Rense made, then that would be a bad thing.

One to watch.

(I also really like Mike's show)


kpolsson said...

Thanks for posting this type of info too, for those of us that don't follow all of the shows all of the time. Could someone say more about what's being referred to with Jeff Rense and Jack Blood and Alex Jones?

I haven't listened to a lot of Mike Rivero (just what I've heard on the AJ show), but after these positive comments, I'm inclined to go take a listen to some. I imagine when he leaves GCN all his archives will be removed from

Nighted said...


I've never heard Jack Blood, but I know Jeff Rense. The comparison may be in reference to their hard line against Israel and Zionist Jewish supremacists who really seem to be running things.

AJ won't touch it and is the reason he gets so much criticism from so-called "White Supremacists". I wish he would and the man is intelligent enough, he must know. But I respect that he has put himself in a position to reach as many ears as possible and those he has woken up don't take long to clue into what is "really" going on. You can tell that just be reading the comments on his websites.

Basically if you listen to AJ just substitute "globalists" for "Jews" and "NWO" for "communism" and you will understand the Rense perspective. Also hit up YouTube and watch Dr. David Duke's videos. :)

Nighted said...
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