The Donation Page

This blog was begun not to provide a source of income, nor as a labor of love. I created it to assist, facilitate, expedite my efforts toward one general goal -- to allow "alternative" voices to be heard... to help people be informed about what really is going on in the world [stories and issues that the mainstream media are either ignoring or lying about].

I have been working at this, investing my time and energy for going-on two years -- much longer than this blog has existed. Over time I have gradually expanded and extended my efforts. This "job" sometimes requires 4 hours a day, sometimes 6, sometimes more.

This blog has given me something I had little of prior to its launch: direct contact with the individuals who are the end-users of what I do. And some of those people have expressed an interest in monetarily supporting this blog. I initially resisted going forward with that. It just felt wrong to be "asking for money" for this work that I have always done with no thought for compensation.

But the requests continued from time to time, and in my current employment [or mostly lack thereof] circumstances when the occasional sudden financial need hits, it hits pretty hard. So today -- a couple of days past the 4 month anniversary of the birth of this blog -- I am taking a deep breath and creating this Donation Page.

Donations over the web.


In your PayPal account, click on the "Send Money" tab, enter this email address:

and then select the radio button to indicate that you are sending money to family or friends (that way PayPal will send your entire donation without deducting a transaction fee).

Click "Continue" and just follow the rest of their instructions. Thanks!

donate to support the blog via bitcoin
1KJokeJXBt2u5WcKQ2QMqH6erz8VszDPmi is an online wallet.

Plenty of people don't like PayPal, specifically, or simply do not want to supply personal information in order to make a donation. There is now a pro-privacy means of transferring funds using Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a P2P "Digital Crypto-Currency." It enables you to anonymously transfer cash. This level of anonymity is good for you and good for me, I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who I am. You will need to download the Bitcoin software to create a Bitcoin wallet on your computer, or you can create an online wallet at sites such as Blockchain. You can purchase Bitcoins (BTC) at the current market exchange rate from a Bitcoin Exchange. Once you have done that you can transfer them directly to my secure Bitcoin Wallet [address above].

You can find out more about Bitcoin on Wikipedia and you can find a variety of instructional videos by using search terms such as "bitcoin getting started" on YouTube.

Donations through the mail.

I have received one [very much appreciated] donation via the US Postal Service, but I want to consider a couple of options on how to do this in the future before publishing instructions here. If this method is the one you wish to use and information is not soon forthcoming here, please email me at sebaygo1 at yandex dot com.