Friday, April 30, 2010

Torrents - 2010 Apr 30 FR

So far for this day, it is once again only the Alex Jones Show. That could change later, but no promises. I would really like for everything to return to some semblance of normalcy so that I could get back to uploading more than one show.

As of this moment I am still blocked from uploading to The Pirate Bay due to their CAPTCHA problem. I'll continue to check on the status of that regularly.

Here are the links to today's uploads so far.
BTJunkie (their links sometimes take 30-60 minutes to start working)




Pirate Bay ...update
Stay tuned for more torrents and additional updates. And if you have the opportunity, please spread the word about this blog as you spread the material contained in these torrents. Thanks!

UPDATE: Within the past hour CAPTCHA at The Pirate Bay has begun working again. Hopefully this fix will last much longer than the last.

TBP Update - Mixed News

As of about 10 - 11 hours ago the problem with CAPTCHA at The Pirate Bay was fixed! This gave me great joy and allowed me to upload the Alex Jones Show torrent for the April 29 broadcast.

Unfortunately, within the past hour CAPTCHA has ceased working again.

My hope is that it can be re-repaired soon enough for me to do a timely upload of today's show [April 30], and that it will stay fixed for much longer this time.

Stay tuned.

Demonoid Update

I had this from multiple sources that I considered reliable, but which were not exactly "authoritative." Now I am able to confirm it from personal experience.

A little while ago I was able to connect with the main page of and there saw this message:
Ongoing denial of service attack

There is a denial of service attack in progress that is causing extreme slowness.
We are currently working on solving the issue.

Thanks for your understanding

This is not likely to be resolved soon, but for me knowing is much better than not knowing.

I'll update again here when substantive news becomes available.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Torrents - 2010 Apr 29 TH

It looks like I will be only uploading the Alex Jones Show for this date too. Demonoid and TPB take up a surprising amount of my time right now, considering I cannot use either of them at the moment.

Here are the URLs for what I have uploaded. I'll update if time permits me to do more before the day is over.



Pirate Bay ...updated

I also uploaded this torrent to, and received a message that the upload was successful. Their system seems a little slow in processing, however, as I do not as yet have a valid URL there for this torrent.

Demonoid Downish

As I mentioned in my first posting here, I am currently unable to use either the public Pirate Bay or the semi-private Demonoid.

TPB is reachable but I am unable to upload torrents there. The problem is their CAPTCHA is not functioning. Even though I have earned "Trusted Uploader" status there, only "VIP Uploaders" -- those who have made financial donations to the site -- are able to upload without using CAPTCHA. As I write this, I've been unable to upload there for over 50 hours.

The other part of this double-whammy is Demonoid, which has been unreachable to me for approximately the same amount of time the TPB has been. I have just found a bit of information at TorrentFreak that may shed some light on what's happening at Demonoid.

In an article dated April 28th, Ernesto wrote:
Demonoid is without doubt one of the most famous BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is also the tracker with the worst record when it comes to uptime as every so often the site disappears for months. With the current downtime of more than a day, users are already fearing the worst.

Demonoid is one of the biggest torrent sites around. Now safely hosted to the west of Russia in Ukraine, the site has previously received unwanted attention from several anti-piracy outfits. So, when the site goes offline a lot of people start to think of the worst, especially if there is little or no warning.

Yesterday, Demonoid once again disappeared leaving its users behind with lots of questions and in a mild state of panic. As is often the case, Demonoid’s admins have remained silent and rumors of a hostile intervention have quickly grown. Thus far, however, there is no reason to assume that the downtime is caused by ‘legal’ reasons. It has to be assumed that the site is facing hardware or network problems.

[....] This is no guarantee that the site itself will make a quick return though. Last September the site vanished into thin air and although the tracker returned early November, it took until Christmas before the site was fully operational again.

Last year’s downtime was not unique either. Since 2007 the site has been offline for more than 13 months in total, due to all kinds of problems....

In a rare interview with Demonoid’s current hosting provider a few months ago we found out that DDoS-attacks and legal issues are unlikely to take the site offline, so we can only guess what the real reason for the ccurrent outage is. The wait has started, once again.

Update: Demonoid is responding (very slow) to some people, and the reason for the downtime seems to be a DDoS attack after all.

I tried Demonoid again just a few minutes ago and was only able to load the site's smallish logo in the upper left hand corner of an otherwise blank page. I will stay alert for additional news, but in situations like this there is typically only silence until the problem is more or less solved. I hope that's not the case this time. Hoping for the best.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Torrents - 2010 Apr 28 WE

I only uploaded the Alex Jones Show for this date also.





Torrents - 2010 Apr 27 TU

I only uploaded the Alex Jones Show for this date.




I also uploaded this to BTJunkie on Tuesday, but cannot find that torrent there now. It must have fallen into a rotating black hole or something.


Everyone, everything should have a purpose.

Oh! Remember in the movie, The Jerk, when Steve Martin's character "finds his purpose?"  Hillarious.  O.K., maybe you had to be alive back then to get it.

Back to the matter at hand.

The purpose of this post is to state the purpose of this blog.

For now it's rather simple.  The purpose of this blog for the foreseeable future is to provide information about material I am sharing via Bit Torrent.

These days the large majority of what I upload are commercial-free edits of what might best be called alternative talk radio shows -- Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Jack Blood, et al.  Since the bit torrent world is somewhat volatile, I try to ensure that this info is spread as widely as possible by uploading to multiple trackers (often as many as six on any given day).

Unfortunately even the biggest, most well-known and most widely-used trackers can suddenly become unreachable, without warning, for hours or days or even weeks at a stretch.  Users who have become accustomed to finding my daily torrents on Demonoid or PirateBay did not find them yesterday or today because both of those sites are having problems.

My plan is to post links here to trackers I uploaded to successfully whenever a problem with one of my regular sites prevents me from uploading there.  Ideally, I would be able to just post links each day to everything I've uploaded so that you could use whichever source you choose.  Realistically, though, that may prove to be too time consuming.

So, let's see what happens!