Monday, March 3, 2014

Infowars Nightly News -- 2014 Mar 03 MO

David Knight anchors the news.

Trade War: Gazprom Threatens to Disrupt Gas Supplies to Europe.
Central Banker PM Says Ukraine Ready for IMF Auction Block.
One Third of Americans Say Obamacare Had Negative Personal Impact.
Obama 'brandishes phone at Putin!' What people are saying about this staged WH photo release.
Memo to Obama: This Was Their Red Line!
Backwards: AT&T Exec Says Spoof NSA Logo "Chills" Discussion On Mass Spying.
FDA Spies On Whistleblowers to Protect Big Pharma.
FDA Wants To Monitor Social Media Chatter About Product Risks.
London Mayor Calls For State to Take Children Based on Parents' Political Beliefs.

Later, Lee Ann McAdoo interviews a young documentary film maker with multiple entries in the Infowars Paul Revere film competition, Andrew Demeter.

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