Thursday, March 13, 2014

Torrent Upload Troubles

Update: as of approximately 7:15 p.m. CDT this evening, things are once more working normally at The Pirate Bay!

Currently I am not able to upload torrents to either ExtraTorrent or The Pirate Bay.

ExtaTorrent has for about 48 hours been showing this message when I try to log in [even when connecting via various VPN servers].

Yesterday I emailed the ExtraTorrent admin gmail account, asking if perhaps my account had been terminated for some reason. I have received no reply so far.

Just now I tried to upload a torrent for today's Ben Swann Show to The Pirate Bay. I received this error message.

Error 4 ostensibly means your torrent has too many files or the description text is too long. My torrent had only eight files, so I reduced my description by more than 50 percent. I submitted the form and instead of going to the uploaded torrent, the site returned a blank form. So who knows what's going on there or how soon it may be corrected.

I am open to suggestions of other torrent sites to use, though I hate to abandon either of these as I have uploaded literally thousands of torrent over the past few years.

But, until the current problems are fixed -- or I find an alternative -- I am limited to using the file host


smconley said...

there is a program called webfreer it will get to the if ur dld version doesnt work, i have a zip i can send u, no install, just unzip and run

smconley said...

it is getting to be a pain in the arse to leave u a message. anyway, as i said, dld webfreer, it will connect to if that doesnt work i use an old version and can send u a zip file. no install, just unzip and run.

any chance you will ever be able to post john b wells?

sebaygo1 said...

I don't see how a proxy is superior to a VPN service that lets me pick from over a dozen countries where they have servers. I have connected to the ET site from the US, from Netherlands, from Hong Kong, etc. Each time the website sees a completely different IP address. The message is bogus. It has all the appearance of it being my account, my username that is banned. I hope to eventually get an email response from the ET admins.