Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Alex Jones Show -- 2014 July 09 WE

From the Infowars web site :: On the Wednesday, July 9 broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the growing calls to impeach President Obama for his innumerable transgressions, including his refusal to secure the southern border.

Jones also looks at the geopolitical goals behind unleashing western-backed terror groups to lay waste to the middle east, destroying sacred monuments at holy sites, and also looks at the heated conflict between Israel and Hamas.

On today's edition, community minister, documentary film maker and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kevin Annett joins Alex to discuss evidence linking the Vatican and others to the pervasiveness of global child trafficking rings and ritual sacrifice. Mr. Annett also provides an update on the common law court movement and the genocide of indigenous Canadian children.

Alex also gets on-the-ground updates from Infowars reporters stationed in Murrieta, California, where citizens have blocked DHS buses from transporting illegal immigrants into their community.

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