Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Agenda -- episode 638, "Parliament Update" -- 2014 July 27 SU

The usual eclectic mix of politics and culture, news and commentary.

Topics: Fuck the EU, Israel/Palestine, Russia/Ukraine/Syria, Deutschland Blitzkrieg, SDR, Caliphate, China, Turkey, Agenda 21, Snowden, Obama Nation, Ministry of Truth, Vaccine$, Bank$ters, Shut Up Slave!, Monsanto, EUROLand ...and much more.

For links to the various stories discussed in this podcast, go to or

Audio run time is 3:20:30. [torrent links]


Anonymous said...

link is wrong. points to show 636, instead it should rather be pointing to ... 638. cheers.

sebaygo1 said...

Should be corrected now. My apologies.