Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Alex Jones Show -- 2014 July 02 WE

From the Infowars web site :: On this Wednesday, July 2 edition of The Alex Jones Show, Alex and David Knight break down the latest assaults on our liberties, our prosperity and our borders.

In California, a state bill would empower police to confiscate a person's firearms solely on the basis of an accusation -- not a legal court ruling -- made against the gun owner.

Also, the brown shirt security force patrolling the illegal immigrant shelter in San Antonio, Texas, is threatening to arrest doctors and nurses if they leak information on the severe threat of contagious disease brought across the border by infected illegals. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that President Obama orchestrated the border collapse in order to push amnesty.

Economic forecaster Harry S. Dent, Jr. joins the show to explain why another housing crisis is looming which could lead to a sharp downturn in real estate and stock prices around the world.

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