Friday, June 20, 2014

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero -- Moving, Again

Currently at the top of the home page on Mike's web site. Tip o' the hat to roonster.
ANNOUNCEMENT: The What Really Happened radio show will be returning to the Genesis Communications Network as of Monday July 21, 2014. My new time slot will be 3PM to 6PM Central time Monday through Friday on GCN 2.
What Really Happened has bounced around more than any show I know. Hope this return is a good one Mike and the show.


smconley said...

i listen to this, and dont recall him mentioning this in the broadcast, however, he has said he and clair are looking to move. so, maybe he will be moving somewhere in the central time zone?

CanadianMalcontent said...

So did he have to make up and kiss Alex Jones ass to get back on GCN? lol

sebaygo1 said...

I don't get to listen to as much of WRH as I would like, but I had not heard him mention a move of any kind. The announcement of his return to GCN was at the top of his web site today, so I accept it as true.

I hope he was not required to make nice with Jones as a prerequisite. It was fairly straightforward that Rivero left GCN as a direct result of statements made by Jones.

Both of them have been making (separate) appearances on episodes of the History Channel series Americas Book of Secrets. When I read the announcement this a.m., I wondered for a moment if that connection had helped the two start talking again.

Dunno. It will be interesting to watch.