Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Andrew Gause - The Real World of Money -- 2014 June 18 WE

Preparing for the Worst and Hoping for the Best

Show Highlights:

-Andy was without power for a while and shares some good ideas on generating energy
-Having the mindset of ‘preparation’ led Andrew to value gold and silver coins more; he explains
-What does fiduciary money mean?
-What is a dollar? If we knew, we wouldn’t be in the trouble we’re in now
-What’s really going on in Iraq? Are we getting the truth from the mainstream media? Patrick and Andrew’s sources on Iraq paint a very different picture of what’s really going on
-Using charts: Looking at the past to predict the future
-Andrew recounts the history of the closing of the gold window
-When supply doesn’t meet demand, the price rises: Andrew talks about collectibles and why some sell for unimaginable amounts of money
-Seizing property and asking questions later
-Learning about estate taxes; there are plenty of legal ways to pay less
-The trend of higher minimum wage
-Why in the world would anyone buy bonds? For security, Andy explains
-Is it really worth it to become an ex-patriot?
-Inflation up three months in row
-1 Trillion Dollars a day moving thru the markets on margin. Borrowed Money
-Hear the capsulized story of The Great Depression. Great Stuff they don’t teach in schools
-Owners of The Fed storing gold coins in Switzerland during the Roaring Twenties
-Fed to charging exit fees when you sell Treasury Bonds
-How exactly did the economy look so good under Bill Clinton?

Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, The Secret World of Money and Uncle Sam Cooks the Books.


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