Monday, August 18, 2014

The Alex Jones Show -- 2014 Aug 18 MO

From the Infowars web site :: On this Monday, August 18 edition of The Alex Jones Show, Alex reports on the overnight riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in which protestors and police clashed with tear gas, flash bangs and Molotov cocktails, resulting in one of the worst clashes in Ferguson. A source within Homeland Security reportedly said the rioting and looting were "encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers." It would be well within the government's prerogative to deploy provocateurs to stir violence that can be used to program the American public into accepting a militarized police state.

On today's show, Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, explains how secret societies shape today's news, both domestically and internationally, as well as their undue influence over the population.

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