Friday, September 12, 2014

The Alex Jones Show -- 2014 Sept 12 FR

From the Infowars web site :: On this Friday, September 12 edition of The Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the current independence movements in Scotland and Catalonia, the recent comments from a top German virologist who said five million people could die from Ebola, and how Obama's plan for war in the Middle East is a decades-long war in the making.

World traveler, actor, musician and activist "Scottish John" is in studio to explain the upcoming vote for Scottish independence.

Geopolitical analyst Mimi Al-Laham, AKA Syrian Girl, also joins the show to reveal what you're not being told about the recent Middle East "beheading" videos and how ISIS is too strong to not have a powerful state backer.

Rosa Koire, expert on the United Nations' neofeudalism program known as Agenda 21, exposes Obama's new proposal to amend a "Climate Change" treaty without going to Congress and how universities are part of mega-corporation "clusters" which seek to own innovation.

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Every US president is the last decades has once bombed Iraq war and be involve in the Middle East wars. Sounds incredible!