Monday, February 17, 2014

Infowars Nightly News -- 2014 Feb 17 MO

David Knight anchors the news.

Chase Imposes New Capital Controls on Cash Deposits.
Google buys SlickLogin, looks to swap passwords for inaudible sound waves.
Oliver Stone: Obama's "Lack of Spine" is Stunning.
Pat Caddell: "The GOP Establishment Wants the IRS to go after the Tea Party."
Blackmailed Congress Stalls Legislation Outlawing NSA Surveillance.
Cruz Senate Stunt Goes Unpunished as Old Tools Don't Work.
The Science Guy: Big Government the Cure for Climate Change.
U.S. plunges to 46th in World Press Freedom Index... below Romania (and just above Haiti)

Later, David presents part two of Anthony Gucciardi's interview with Dr. Edward Group -- "Breathe clean air as much as you can."

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